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How Do Pain and Suffering Damages Work in Texas?


After a major accident in Texas, you’ll need compensation for all the damages you’ve suffered. You might be thinking mainly about your financial losses; your injuries might be expensive, after all, and that can be difficult to recover from. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also receive non-economic damages.

When you’ve been injured in an accident, you’ll need to ask your lawyer at least one thing: How do pain and suffering damages work in Texas? While you might be somewhat familiar with these damages, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the full amount you deserve for your particular accident and injuries.

Finding the Worth of Your Damages

First, you’ll need to understand your pain and suffering damages, or non-economic damages, and why you deserve them. While you’ve likely suffered major financial losses, you’ll also need compensation for the less tangible damages. For example, you might find yourself with a decrease in your quality of life after your accident, which should be compensated.

Calculating your pain and suffering damages can be more complex than for other damages, however. Because these damages are intangible, you can’t simply add up receipts to find the costs of your losses. Instead, you’ll need to seek out compensation based on how serious your injuries were and what your long-term impacts were.

For example, a broken bone is a serious injury, and it’s one that can be extremely painful during the accident. You should receive compensation for that pain and suffering. However, your injury might have left you with chronic pain instead, not just the initial injury. Because you’re experiencing long-term, consistent pain, your compensation should be higher.  

Texas’ Damage Caps

Unfortunately, getting those damages might be difficult. You’ll need to show that your life has been affected by these injuries and that you’re suffering for them. For example, if you’re seeking compensation for a loss of enjoyment of life, you’ll need to show that because of your accident you aren’t able to enjoy things you once loved.

Your compensation may also be limited by damages caps on pain and suffering. If you were injured by a government entity, your compensation may be limited to only $100,000 for your total claim. If you’re badly injured, that may limit the recovery for your injuries alone, let alone your pain and suffering damages.

As such, it’s important to protect your Texas accident claim and ensure you’re getting the full compensation you deserve. Your pain and suffering damages are important to your recovery, so you’ll need to make sure you get the fullest amount you can seek.  

Get the Full Compensation You Need in Texas

When you’re suffering through your non-economic damages, it can be tough to research how pain and suffering damages work in Texas. You’re struggling to recover, and fighting back for intangible damages only makes that harder.

Fortunately, you don’t have to fight back alone. When you’re hurt and suffering, seek out a Texas lawyer from Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP for a free consultation. During your consult, we’ll review your claim and help you seek out the full amount you deserve. We’ve also put together a page of personal injury FAQs to give you more information before our consult.

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