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November 19, 2019


Chris and Gregg handled a DWI case for me, and I couldn’t have asked for better representation! They were always quick to reply to my questions and concerns. They got me an amazing deal on my case and handled everything with the utmost professionalism! I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal help!

- Lexi H.

Our experience working with Chris Lewis and his team was exceptional. They handled our case with great care and professionalism. Each detail and nuance of our matter was thoroughly understood and well represented by Chris. We are grateful for their work on our behalf and highly recommend Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP.

- Erin B.

I’ve had almost three years to contemplate about writing this emotion-charged review. I hope I can adequately encapsulate our gratitude to Chris Lewis.

Our legal battle was epic; full of intrigue, elements of danger, truths, and lies. We started this journey feeling despondent and scared because of the severity of the criminal charge and the damning immigration consequences of a conviction. We were faced with the other side who seemed omnipotent and relentless. We were ultimately up against Goliath, and we were David (literally since our surname translates to David). What we didn’t expect, however, was the tremendous importance of having Chris defending us.

Chris is intelligent, incredibly hard-working, zealous, and, sometimes, downright scary. He commands the respect of all of his peers (defense attorneys and prosecutors alike) and of the judges. Whenever my husband saw Chris at court, my husband would light up and feel encouraged because he “felt safe.” He knew Chris would protect him and had his best interest in mind. If you want to be impressed and to witness the definition of a top advocate, you must watch Chris perform in the courtroom. He worked nonstop for 12 hours during voir dire (jury selection) and brought in his arsenal of attorneys to assist him. Yes, Chris busted the jury and after numerous trial resets and further negotiations, he was able to broker a plea agreement that would be anyone’s dream: (1) avoiding jail time, (2) avoiding negative immigration consequences, and (3) having the right to apply for nondisclosure. David may have had his rock and slingshot, but we had Chris. My family and I will be forever thankful to Chris for his dedication and care. I can never recommend Chris Lewis enough and advise everyone to consult with him and ultimately trust him to handle their case.

- A.D.

Chris Lewis and his staff provided our family with the best representation during an extremely difficult time. He made himself available to listen and answer all of our questions and concerns. His entire staff was extremely professional, while at the same time providing comfort and encouragement to all of us.

Chris is a master in the court room. The time and preparation his firm put into our case exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone. Our family is forever grateful to he and his staff of exceptional attorneys and paralegals.

- Amy

Robert Crain and his team went above and beyond their call of duty to take care of me and my sister after my mother was killed in a drunk driving accident. We owe Robert Crain and his team a lifetime of gratitude for their hard work and generosity. He is honest and is more than a lawyer, he is a beautiful and compassionate man. Thank you Robert.

- Jane

We are so grateful to Chris Lewis and the rest of his team for their desire to expose truth. They truly are “warriors” in wanting what is best for their clients, even if it costs them more time and money to do what is right. They, from the beginning, were able to discern the truth regarding our loved one’s situation and didn’t stop fighting for them.

We will never forget the relief we felt when these Attorneys walked into the courtroom and began their work; especially after witnessing what happens to someone who doesn’t have great legal representation. Truth, justice and caring about their clients best describes this team.

- Laura H

We owe a debt of gratitude to Chris Lewis, Gregg Gallian, Frank Davila and the rest of the Crain Lewis Brogdon team. Gregg and Chris handled our case with professionalism, expertise, and compassion. They did not rest until they achieved an outcome that surpassed our expectations. The amount of work that they put in behind the scene is amazing.

They cared for us like family, with honesty, integrity, and dogged perseverance. There’s no way that we can thank them enough. If you are looking for exceptional criminal defense, you will not find a better team to represent you.

- Stephen A

I have been represented by Chris before, and he is outstanding!!! Unfortunately I need him again, and I cannot express how much I love this team!!!! He is absolutely amazing and dedicated, and when I walk Into the courthouse, it feels like you’re walking with the big boss, because he actually is! I am forever grateful for his knowledge and dedication!!

- Claudia W.

I am a business professional, single mother and made one of the largest mistakes of my life and woke up to a perfect storm and a DUI. Beyond any nightmare was living in fear and honesty I didn’t know I would make it through this. I owe this firm my life, these men kept my integrity and reputation intact.

Frank Davila, Greg Gallian and Chris Lewis are “THE” dream team you want to place your life in their hands. Day or night this team kept me well informed, championed me the entire time while staying on top of my case. This firm Crain, Lewis, Brogdon are well educated and know the law inside and out. What I didn’t know, having a team of lawyers/firm so well connect was half the battle. I still remember walking in the first day humiliated, ashamed and in fear. When this team looks you in the eye and says “they have you”,. Believe them!

I could have lost everything from my job, social status, respect of my family/friends and most important my son. You can count of them to do the work, quickly and most important keeping your reputation and dignity intact. Thank you, Crain, Lewis, Brogdon for giving me my life back.

- Sarah C.

Crain Lewis Brogdon is an outstanding Firm with gifted trial lawyers. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

- Mike L.

On Oct 2012 I was charged with a DWI in Dallas. I searched for an attorney and I found the right one in Chris Lewis. We met and talked about my case and Chris never gave up on me. Chris and his staff were very helpful in negotiating the treacherous pitfalls awaiting me. At no time did Chris ever let me give up. I was ordered to have the interlock installed and after a year Chris got the judge to remove it. We appeared in court many times only to have the case postponed each time. Then the day arrived, after three long years we were having the trial.

The trial was scheduled to last one and a half days. Chris chose the jury and we started. During the entire trial Chris was aggressive and stayed focused on my case. He cross examined each witness with zeal not seen by me in any movie. Chris fought for me with each word. He came prepared like a general in battle. The prosecution was concerned enough that their supervisors sat in the back of the courtroom like I would assume they were watching a high profile trial. On the third day the jury was given their instructions and went to deliberate. After about only 15 minutes they returned a verdict of not guilty. Chris Lewis and his team are worth every penny and I got my monies worth from them. I can truly say, if you are in need of a strong defense attorney call Chris Lewis.

- Ross G.