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Timeline of a Texas Personal Injury Claim 


The personal injury claim process comes with a number of challenges, and one of them is waiting for the process to be completed. Even if you believe you have a strong claim, you are probably worried about when you will receive your settlement. 

Why are you worried? Because until you receive your settlement, you’re likely the one footing the bill for medical expenses, including co-pays, medications, hospital visits, and rehabilitation costs. Your injuries have likely cost you in other ways, as well, such as lost income, transportation expenses, and caregiving costs. 

Whatever monetary expenses you’ve had to deal with, your financial stability has probably taken a hit because of them. You just want your life to return to normal, and receiving your settlement check is a big part of making that happen. However, it’s not always possible to speed up the injury claim process. 

Understanding the timeline of a personal injury claim in Texas might help you to budget while you wait.

Investigation Process

The investigation step of a personal injury claim can go quickly or slowly. It really depends on your case. However, it shouldn’t take longer than a month or two for a “typical” accident. If, however, your accident is unique or complex in some way, the process could drag on for a year or more. 

To give you an idea, a car crash case might only take a few weeks to wrap up an investigation, request a crash report, document your injuries, interview witnesses, and obtain surveillance or video footage. A plane crash could take many months to over a year to complete an investigation.

Putting the Claim Together

After the investigation is complete, it could only be a few weeks to put the claim paperwork together. This could be delayed if you’re still seeing a medical provider for ongoing medical treatment. Once your medical treatment is complete, the process should move more rapidly.

Waiting for the Insurance Company

When your claim is sent over to the at-fault party’s insurance company, the process could be completed within a few weeks to several months. This depends on whether the insurer accepts your claim right away or if they enter into negotiations. 

The process will be lengthened if the insurer denies your claim and if you decide to take your case to court. Going to trial will obviously extend the process. Still, even if you go to trial, which is exceedingly rare, your Texas case shouldn’t take more than two years. There are always exceptions, though.

Connect with a Texas Personal Injury Attorney Near You

All in all, a claim in Texas could take anywhere from a few months to a few years to complete. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a more accurate timeline unless you contact a lawyer. A lawyer can examine your case to give you a better idea of the time frame you’re looking at. Good news: You can talk to a lawyer at our firm for free in an initial case assessment. 

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